All Quiet in Your Home Front

Creating a Peaceful Home for a Peaceful State of Mind

When you are considering soundproofing an area, you can come to this decision based on a wide range of reasons that vary depending on the individual and the situation.

 Sometimes it is done for privacy reasons, where you want to be able to maintain a certain level of privacy between different rooms. Or perhaps you are looking for a solution for an acoustic reason, such as a recording studio. 

 Perhaps you are looking to create just a peaceful area where you can retreat. Or maybe noise is just travelling from one room to another and is becoming a concern. Reasons for soundproofing vary as much as the methods of soundproofing.

We will be honest here though, before going any further. Sound proofing very rarely eliminates sound completely, whether that be stopping sound from leaving a room or coming into a room. But the noise reduction can be quite substantial with the correct method used. 

Different methods of reducing sound involve the use of different types of materials. The idea is to try and find the right material to absorb the sound. A bookcase, filled with books actually works to absorb sound in a room by creating mass in the room. 

Sound will travel through any opening. Think about when you open a window to the outside. You can hear the birds and cars as they go about during the day. But if you close the window, a lot of that noise is stopped, as the opening has now been closed off. 

So, if we think about how we can stop noise from the outside of our homes entering into our homes, we can identify some easy solutions to take that indoors. 

 What about weather stripping indoors? Sounds strange, I can imagine. However, with some easy peel and stick stripping around interior doorways, you can block more noise from entering into the room when the interior door is closed. You can even go one step further and install a door stop or sweeper across the bottom of the door.

What about wall treatments? Yes, there are some effective ways to absorb sound by using certain kinds of wall coverings. Remember that sound bounces off flat surfaces and can cause it to amplify. So if you add some fabric to the walls, it can absorb the sound instead of sending it back into the room. 

 Tapestries and curtains are actually very good tools at reducing sound. And if you want, you can even go to a more industrial level and put foam wall coverings up, such as you might find in an actual recording studio. There is also sound proofing paint that can be applied. However, this paint tends to leave a heavy finish on the walls and has challenges when you are trying to tint it to any shade that isn’t a light pastel. 

 There are varying opinions as to whether this paint actually sound proofs. It may absorb sound somewhat. But you may need to apply layers, and considering the finished product is heavy and raised, it may not produce the desired visual appeal you are looking for. But it is an option, none the less. And obviously painting your walls is still aesthetically appealing, regardless of any proof of sound barrier. Any local painter will confirm that for you!

When it comes to your windows, often black out curtains can pull double duty by blocking out light and sound. They may be a more attractive option, rather than hanging blankets over the windows. Plus blankets may heat up the room, as they absorb the heat of the day.

Sometimes noise comes from the vibration of motors in various types of equipment or appliances. Stopping the vibration on solid flooring can be accomplished with carpeting or foam mats placed under the item. Carpeting and rugs are great at absorbing sound in any room. And foam mats may be a better option, considering what is causing the vibration.

Stay tuned for more tips on creating a quiet, peaceful home that you can love!

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