When Your Tree Needs to Go...

Your beloved trees.  They are the backdrop for many of your views from your home or office space.  You nurtured them to maturity and they are really part of the landscape you have become so very familiar with.

But, like all things, nothing will last forever.  Even your trees may reach the end of their lifespan.  Some become weak and decayed.  Others may have suffered an injury or damage beyond your control.  It isn’t necessarily easy to come to the conclusion to have the tree removed.  But it is the right thing to do.

You never want a large tree to come down on its own.  The potential damage to any surrounding structures is real and dangerous.  Let alone, the risk of it coming down and harming someone you love.  You want to protect the other trees as well.  By taking the necessary tree removal steps, you are in control. 

There are seasons where it might be best to plan to remove a tree.  Unfortunately, we are not always able to wait for the ideal season, depending on the risk a weak tree may present.  But it you do have the opportunity to take care of it before it becomes an immediate necessity, try doing this late winter or early spring.  The tree will be dormant and branches are void of leaves.  This makes the branches lighter and easier to manage.  This also applies to pine trees.  Also, the ground will be frozen still, which means that it will not disturb other plants as much as when the ground is thawed.

There isn’t really an off season, where it may be cheaper to remove a tree.  Each tree and each season will have its challenges and the costs will vary.  Size and width will contribute to the price factor.  Location and hazards will as well.  But if it become apparent that the tree needs to be removed, you shouldn’t hesitate over pricing.  Just reach out to a couple of arborists and get a quote.  Don’t be surprised if they want you to submit pictures or need to view the tree first.  As we have mentioned, there is no flat fee to removing a tree.  Each one and each instance will need to be evaluated before quoting a price.

If you think that you can save by just removing the tree yourself, please reconsider.  Tree removal is very dangerous.  There are qualified, certified, and insured arborists to handle this.  When removing a tree, it is their job to assess all potential hazards, and they will probably do this better than you will.  Structural damage and harm to persons is the last thing you ever want to occur.  We would not recommend letting anyone attempt this who does not produce the correct credentials and insurance.  To quote our dear friends, who just paid for tree removal in Okotoks, “Always go with a professional company, with experience and reviews.  That way, you will know that the job will get done safely and correctly.”